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Permanent Make-up:
Permanent makeup (PMU) gives you a fresh, lasting look. Every day. At any time and at any place - without any cosmetics.

If you barely have time to lay down a perfect makeup on, you have little experience or are allergic to colorful cosmetics, Permanent makeup may be just the thing for you. Permanent makeup will boost your self-confidence and gives you back the time that you lose during the makeup in the mirror. No more discomfort, because the mascara could be smeared, no steady look in the mirror, because the eyeliner might not be seated. Your makeup will sit. No matter where you are and what you do - up to 5 years. This is possible because of the application technique of color. The top layer of skin is filled with micro-fine mineral pigments and thus gives it an intense color that does not smudge, even by the influence of water. You can safely swim, make sport, sauna or visit the SPA. PMU applications include eyebrows, eyelids (eyelashes) and lips, which can be reset, corrected or intensified.

You want to have a fresh look, as if you had just stated the eyeliner, even after waking up? Or are you wearing glasses and have difficulty in applying the eyeliner?

I offer you a permanent eyeliner makeup, which does not smudge and lasts longer than a few hours. Your eyes will shine permanently. They are relieved and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Depending on your type a broader eyeliner can be set. And if you lose your brows or if you only have a very fine outline, I can fill it or restore.

Optical filled eyelashes and eyeliner that stays in place.

Don't you want to avoid painfully plucking your eyebrows in front of the mirror anymore? Do you have an irregular eyebrow growth or too little?

'll give you type specific, shapely eyebrows and bring unfavorable brows back into shape. As shading or hair pigmentation - as you wish. I reconstruct missing and compact to thin eyebrows. If a scar prevents the growth of your brow, I correct and adjust it perfectly to the pigmentation of your hair.

Eyebrows that suit you. Without plucking and retightening.

You have thin lips and fill them every day? Or do you want to have rich color-bright lips without leaving them on any glass of wine?

With the right pigmentation I correct your lip shape with a delicate contour that creates an optical magnification (ideally in combination with hyaluronic injections). I'll let your pale lips shine through the tailored color to your skin type and I offer you a shade that makes your lips appear plastic (also in combination with lip-Light). And if you got herpes scars, I balance them out again.

Sensual, colored lips without lipstick. Like you want them.

My utensils:

The pigment colors that I use are manufactured according to European standards and guarantee a natural recording of the skin, uniform coverage and years of maintaining the color intensity. The colors fade naturally by UV radiation and are safe for the skin and the immune system. The dermatologically tested formula excludes the appearance of allergies.

The company BioEvolution with which I work with, ensuring the highest quality, certified with EN ISO 9001 & EN ISO 13485. I use the BioEvolution cartridge technology, an integrated needle sleeve system, which insures compliance with safety and hygiene standards. The integrated processing of membrane prevents return of the color and thus prevents in connection with the cartridges (disposable needles) any infections. They are sterile and additionally treated with ethylene oxide. Each cartridge is provided with a serial number so that you can be sure of the hygienically correct application.

before you decide ...

... simply come by for a consultation. We'll find a type-specific, customized solution for you. Completely relaxed & without stress. You get an insight into my work and have the opportunity to inspect colors and shapes and make a selection. If you feel comfortable, we can provide a first sketch (not permanent) test. I answer all 'your questions and clarify everything worth knowing.


Each cosmetic procedure is associated with risks. Good pre-and post-treatments are important to avoid the following:

- distensionl
- redness & swelling
- lymphatic effusionafter surgery
- infections
- lasting scars
- cold sores
- allergic skin reactions

before treatment:

To minimize the probability of occurrence of herpes, the preventive preparation Heviran 2x in the case of permanent makeup lips advised 5 days before treatment and 5 days after treatment, take 1 tablet (400 mg) daily (available by prescription, a different dosage may be recommended by the doctor.) A lip scrub on the day before treatment supports the absorption of color. Additionally you can apply a light moisturizer.

after treatment:

During treatment, swelling and irritation may arise (individual tendencies). This is a completely normal body reaction and symptoms can go by quickly. The very next day, you can safely go to work.

On 2nd-3rd Day after treatment your skin starts to peel. For this reason, the application of a special moisturizing cream is very important.

During the 3rd-4th Week after treatment, the pigmented fade points by 40-50%. Do not worry if the color immediately appears therefore intensively after treatment.

After at least 28 days (the time necessary for the regeneration of the skin), a correction is carried out in order to strengthen the results (this treatment is included in the price).

Within the following month after the first treatment and correction you should not go to sauna, gym, swimming pool, solarium and sunbathing (otherwise the pigment may negatively modify in certain locations .) For lip pigmentation you should drink all drinks with a straw while the first episode week. During this time, the kissing is not recommended.

To protect your health, please speak to me immediately and renounce permanent make-up, if the following is true:

- pregnancy
- anemia
- albinism
- diabetes
- psoriasis
- hemophilia
- respiratory diseases
- taking antibiotics/steroids
- herpes/cold sore (in the active phase and not fully healed)
- diseases of the eye
- tendency to eye infections
- braces (for lip pigmentation)
- infectious diseases
- cancer

about me:

My name is Snezana Ivanova.
After my graduate training as a beautician I began as a permanent make-up stylist. After numerous professional experience, training and self-study I was able to acquire and develop the technical competence and the sense of aesthetics for design and guidance.

Permanent makeup offers many advantages compared to ordinary makeup. As PMU user, I know that as a woman you can feel simply safer in everyday life and more confident. The sense of shapely brows that highlight the eyes and lips, show the vitality and are kiss proof.

PMU offers a painted look without burning, smudging and retightening. Hygienic, hypoallergenic and durable for years. And important for me: In addition to the cosmetic aspect, PMU provides the ability to replace missing eyebrows, to complement an irregular growth and to conceal scars. I want to support women who are sensitive to cosmetic products or have other difficulties with their brewing growth or the lip shape/color, but still want to emphasize their femininity. I would like to help you to emphasize your beauty and make you happy in the long term.
Chemotherapy patients
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  • Eyeliner above 220 ,- €
  • Eyeliner below 180 ,- €
  • Eyeliner above & below 370 ,- €
  • Eyelash enhancement top 220 ,- €
  • Eyelash enhancement below 170 ,- €
  • Eyelash enhancement above & below 360 ,- €
  • Lip contour drawing 400 ,- €
  • Lip contour drawing with shading 450 ,- €
  • Lip contour drawing with full shading 500 ,- €
  • Eyebrow hair pigmentation 350 ,- €
  • Eyebrow compaction 370 ,- €
  • Eyebrow redesign 430 ,- €
  • Correction & removal of old PMU from starting from 150 ,- €

Any Permanent makeup treatment includes 1-2 free rework unless they are taken within 3 months to complete.

At a removal PMU more treatments are necessary. These depend on the type, intensity and size of the area to be treated.
I would like to to meet on a personal consultation with you, where I answer all 'your questions and advise you appropriate to type. I am looking forward you.

Snezana Ivanova
graduate cosmetician
Permanent makeup stylist

Am Seestern 18
40547 Düsseldorf

0152 – 26 26 98 99

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